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Chia Designs: Jewellery that's as expressive as you are

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Hello and welcome to Chia Designs.

Chia means moon, and a strong connection with its cycles, as well as Pacha Mama, or Mother Earth, is central to our business, our spirituality and our jewellery.

Each handcrafted piece of jewellery we create is completely unique. We aim to keep an authencity to our work and where the influences are from, so materials such as the vines for our dream catchers, the Amazon Seeds brought back from the Jungle, and our semi-precious stones are imported from S.A. as well as our ello incerado (waxed nylon) for the Macramé pieces. we weave all this into stunning bespoke pieces of statement jewellery.

Influences from across the globe fuse and intermingle in our work. But the main influence is from Indigenous communities, where ever we go.  while South America, Europe and Africa constantly inspire and infuse us. From the perfection and harmony of the Amazonian Rainforest to the urban jungle, our art is a fusion of style, nature, discipline and individualism, freedom, inspiration, admiration, and generally a well being.

One of our biggest rewards of this work is been given the opportunity to make Custom Designs. WE WILL CREATE A PIECE THAT IS YOURS, YOUR DESIGN, CHOSEN STONE, MATERIAL/S, to create the unique piece that is your own expression into the world.

We pour all of our love and care into each piece. Each one tells a story and comes from a moment as unique as you are.

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With love, light & gratitude to Pacha Mama, we thank you.

We bring you:

  • Bespoke jewellery
  • Unique, handcrafted costume jewellery
  • Simple, protective stones to be your companion
  • Special custom designs perfect for your own individual self.

About us

Lisa Marie

Hi, I'm Lisa Marie - mother to Kiara Luna, & Inti Sebastian i am wife to Mauricio, and artisan and creator of the macramé jewellery on this site. In 2006, I stepped into the complete unknown and left my home and life in London to go to South America. In hindsight, it turned out to be the best thing I had ever done.

As soon as I touched South America, and in particular the Amazon, my whole life changed, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. An indigenous family took me in for nearly a year and taught me the wisdom within the simplicity of life, and the beauty of Pacha Mama her natural medicines and home, my soul, heart and intuition came alive in this deep, incredible spiritual place.

I participated in ceremonies with elders and shamans and began to walk with a lot more faith. It took me a few years to actually move on from the Amazon, i was absolutely mesmerised, in love with the magic, seeds, all the natural materials which we still use today.

I met with artisans who taught me how to make money on the streets to help me keep going on my journey. On and on I travelled, from Guatemala all the way down to Argentina, missing only Chile and Uruguay. I fell in love with Mauricio in Bolivia, We got married in his home town Giganté Colombia. As i believed we could bring something so beautiful back to London... Our beautiful Kiarita was born in 2011.

The Macramé jewellery I make amazingly seems to go through changes and responds to the energy of whichever place I am in, in the Amazon for example they would become raw, earthy, real earthy pieces using organic materials.
In cities they would change also depending on what one, the culture etc..

Today, living in London, I continue to work with Macramé, as I did in South America. My work has evolved and changed to reflect the very different energy of the city, although i do try to find the space to remember my journey through South America, particularly the Amazon, that has a very special place within.

My husband is amazing to keep me reminded of the simplicity of life, within the complications....I thrive off indigenous cultures, Natives, elders, my husband and our little Kiara, and South America and the Amazon will always be in my heart.

Macrame is a very meditative art. I love the freedom of it. Most of the time I never know what I am aiming for;
I just wait until it is finished. It speaks to me and through me and forms its own piece of work.

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Hello, I am Mauricio, father of our beloved Kiarita & Inti Sebastian, designer and crafter of the filigree wire work you see on this website or in our many markets, festivals and events..
I have tried to keep the authencity of our work back home, by using materials sourced from South America, the vines, Semi-precious Stones and the Amazon Seeds.

My art is a mixture of three cultures: indigenous communities in South America, Europe, and Africa – three worlds merged into a single inspiration.
I grew up in Gigante, a valley of the River Magdalena in Huila, Colombia. My artistic experience is the result of over 14 years of travel in South America and a subsequent move to the UK in 2012.

I love what I do. I work in Marcrame and Chaquira beading (known as Native American beading in Europe), but identify myself most strongly with the filigree wire work: Working with Alpaca, Sterling Silver, Copper and Bronze wire, this skill develops within me a sensitivity and creativity.

My art represents to me a geometrical view of the universe and living nature. Every piece of artwork I create is not part of mass production but a creation conceived and developed in a unique moment, minutes, hours sometimes days! For that reason, every time I make an item of handcraft, my world stops to create it, fully involving my hands, mind and heart.

My hope is that our jewellery creates a moment where your world stops so that you can appreciate the beauty of this universe in union with your mind and heart.

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