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As my dear friend Lisa Marie and Mauricio welcome and nurture the precious new life they have created into the world, entering into a time of profoundly sweet tenderness, sleepless nights and delicate, heart-opening awe, I am becoming increasingly aware of this:

Our world is in need of miracle workers.

As steward of Chia Designs this week, I’d like to invite you to have a go at being one :)


Now, if you don’t believe in miracles, stick with me for a moment - I’m not talking about turning water into wine, but rather about transforming fear into love. That’s it! Anytime - any single tiny, seemingly-insignificant moment - this happens is a miracle.


A miracle worker, or a teacher of love, is anyone who is willing to recognise that every moment is either an extension of love, or a cry for it.


The only requirement to step up as a miracle worker is willingness: willingness to look upon every fearful thought, judgement and mistaken belief you carry about yourself, others and the world, and the willingness to truly surrender these and see things differently.

So many of us have taken a detour so far into the land of fear that the best we can hope for is to be comfortably numb. When I hit rock bottom aged 18, and again (and again) in my early twenties, I resolved that I would not live half a life. If what was needed for me to be fully alive was for me to dive deep into the heart of my pain, that is what I would do, and I’ve been continually amazed at how closely related pain is to breakthrough, at the wisdom that is present in every human struggle I experience.


I have spent nearly 13 years on my personal development journey and today, I coach, support, mentor and teach people how to adopt a miracle mindset in their everyday lives, so they can create ripple effects that impact themselves and their loved ones.


My work is all about helping people all around the world to make a clear, empowered decision about whether they let fear or love be the guiding force in their lives.


I believe that the most profound issue facing humanity today is simply this: we have forgotten who we truly are. All of our wars, ethical issues, marital breakdowns, violence and pain comes out of this loss of connection with self and other.

My job is to help you remember.

So here’s four things you can do TODAY to work miracles in your world:

1.    Be in joy. Do something every single day to put yourself into a state of joy, ease and flow. Let the happy chemicals flow - you’ll feel great, and in turn, you’ll spread happiness all around you. Joy isn’t selfish: the worst thing you can do for people who are struggling is to be one of them.

2. Be curious. As Don Miguel Ruiz said in ‘The 4 Agreements’, don’t make assumptions about others.  Curiosity cultivates beauty. Practise on the easy days so that you can really apply this principle on the hard days - with your grumpy partner, your noisy children, your friends, your arrogant colleagues and the blank-faced person on the checkout - and watch as your relationships enter a whole new dimension.

3. Listen out for the call for love... from the heart of the person in front of you, to your heart. Plato reportedly advised everyone to ‘be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle’.

4. Do little things to help you see things differently. Tiny shifts add up. A one-degree shift in direction will, over the trajectory of 1,000 miles, take you to a very different destination. I’ve got a free gift for you to give you some ideas for when you’re scared, lonely or stuck: click here to grab ‘22 Ways to See Things Differently’. The community I host is full of open-hearted amazing truth seekers.

You don’t have to change everything, just stand in your life in a different way.

I would love to hear which of these you found the most helpful and to connect with you.

Elloa xo


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