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Hello everyone,

Hello and welcome to the re-launch of Chia Designs new website, this website has been created by a very talented friend thank you Jonas for all your support, input and ideas to create it.

I am sitting here two days before our due date of our second child.

I actually did start preparing for it a while back, but as always hic-cups happen, and it also becomes a test of patience, perseverance and positivity exercises.

I suddenly realised how close we were getting to birth time, and we were, well not at all prepared...

So this newsletter and introduction got put on hold, while we prepared ourselves and the space we live in for another little person to come.

But here at last, yep here we are!!

Chia Designs have been around for a couple of years now, and I have to say it has actually been a mixture of feelings, ups and downs…. A rollercoaster of emotions in fact… adjusting to the life, the vastness, the quickness. Not to mention  the opportunities out there, I have to say I become more overwhelmed with it all, more than I feel in control of it… The art of a Juggler!!

It’s not all bad though as it has also been a pleasure to also see how much community spirit has become a focal point, in a different way we know in S.A but a community of local businesses/people that come together to brain storm, help, guide, share, promote each other and support each other in what we do, through social media and various other ways.

We have decided instead of having set pages for the materials we use, the stones and their properties etc...  in other words blurbs… we will keep you in tuned by sharing with you about them, either though blogs or newsletters, one of our missions is to build the gallery up again, this time it will have an order form to make on-line orders of products.
We will share with you about us.

For now though, for the next few weeks we will just be and stay gentle with ourselves and our little munchkin Kiara Luna as well as our bump, just due in a few days it’s time for us to tune in.



Wouldn’t it be great to create a social website, a place to share and be shared, as a tool to communicate, introduce and be introduced... enabling a platform  to create a community of like-minded artists in any shape or form, in-between our own newsletters, posts, bogs and videos of what we do.

I come in now and introduce some amazing inspirations that have offered to help me, support me, and hold this space for me while we bond with our new addition.
We are just so grateful, as you who know me know that  I would stress and stress to make sure I was trying to do it all, be a supermum, business woman and wife,  and actually end up not doing any of it well… something i am learning to except is i am a human being...

So Over the next few months I have the pleasure to introduce you to some amazing people that randomly will kick ass with their own newsletters of introduction and anything they feel inspired to speak about.
I would encourage to get in touch with, talk to as they have really inspired me on many levels.

We are honoured… Thank you beautiful ladies.

One of our Intentions is to encourage our new customers to come and see us and what we do at our many fairs, markets & events, here you will see all our work and have the pleasure to touch feel and see the quality of craftsmanship in our work… you will be able to make your own decisions, and we would love to hear about it too.

To open up the first newsletter these are some of the new products being launched.



All our products are 100% handcrafted, using semi-precious stones to enhance the statement jewellery we design. This is a shoot of our first products that will be available to buy on-line if you wish. It’s so nice to see them modelled. Especially by a beautiful Gal xxx

Please do keep in contact, subscribe to our newsletters, blogs, like us on our facebook, twitter, and check out the photos on Instagram, post in our reviews & comments

Love and Light

Lisa marie xxx

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